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CaterSOFT Occasion is a brand new online software that was designed by a group of caterers to help catering and event organising companies to organise their events more professionally and efficiently.

Whether it is a buffet for 20 people or a complete wedding party for 200 guests, every detail of your customer and their event requirements is an important key to being successful. This information should be stored in to a safe & reliable database which you and your staff can access 24 x 7 from anywhere whenever you need to. So that you can run your business smoothly with confidence and total control.
    CaterSOFT Occasion is designed for...
  • Wedding & Party Caterers
  • Corporate Event Caterers
  • Buffet & Outside Caterers
  • Hog Roast & BBQ Caterers
  • Leisure Centres & Sports Clubs
  • Function Hall Bookings
  • Hospitality Industry
Easy to Use  |  NO Technical Knowledge Required  |  NO Software Installations   |  NO Backup Hassle  |  Work From Anywhere with Internet
Top Features
Easy to use Events Management Software
1. Easy to use Events Manager
'Events Manager' lets you quickly browse the upcoming events for a given centre or all the centeres. Powerful event search facility helps you to find bookings fast. Details can be grouped by Month, Centre or Sales Person. You can also see the total number of bookings and net total.

You can even create a new booking from this screen.

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Colour Coded Bookings Diary
2. Colour Coded Bookings Diary
This is the most complimented feature in the CaterSOFT. The fast & dynamic bookings calendar lets you see the evets in the easily understandable format.
  • Day View, Week View, Month View & List View
  • Centre Calendar, Staff Calendar & Venue Calendar
  • Different colour backgrounds for easy recognition
  • Print 'Delivery Report', 'Summary Report' & 'Schedules Report'
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Powerful Schedule Builder
3. Powerful Schedule Builder
Schedule Builder is the key element in the CaterSOFT. This is the screen lets you make-up the contract in to one piece. Input customer details, event date & times, location, menu requirements, prices, payment terms, special instructions, hour-by-hour schedule, staff attending the event etc. Once the necessary information is added, you can...
  • Generate 'PDF of Schedule' on a click of a button
  • Print or Email it to Customer or your staff
  • Raise invoice for the deposit or full amount (paid/unpaid)
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Built-in Tasks System
4. Built-in Tasks System
Tasks Module is the intelligent system in the CaterSOFT. Its advanced algorithms crawls through all your bookings and makes up a list of tasks that you need to perform. So you don't see the hundreds of sticky notes lying around your desk anymore!

CaterSOFT can automatically recognise the following tasks:

  • Add Menus and Drinks
  • Allocate Staff to Events
  • Send Contract to Customer
  • Chase Deposit
  • Purchase Material
  • Chase Final Balance
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Contact Manager
5. Contacts Manager
CaterSOFT gives you the access to centralised customer database. Whether it is a one-off private customer, or a business customer such as a University with repeated buffet bookings. Just click on the customer to view their complete booking history grouped by person who ordered the bookings. You can also see complete notes, invoices, payments, and menu history.
  • Access your client details from virtually anywhere
  • Advanced search facility to quickly find a customer
  • Easy to use tools to generate reports & graphs
  • Send 'Bulk Mail' or 'Bulk SMS' in two easy steps
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Built-in Email & SMS
6. Built-in Email & SMS
Delight your customers by providing quicker response to their queries and requests!

Yes, that's the feature you always looking for. Click one single button and the 'PDF of Schedule' appears in your customer's Inbox. That means you can amend the schedule whenever customer asks for and send the confirmation every time via Email. CaterSOFT automatically records all the 'Sent History' in the 'Booking Details' Screen. SMS keeps your staff up-to-date with their dialy/weekly schedule.
  • Email Contracts & Terms to your Customers
  • Send Event & Menu details to chefs and colleagues
  • Send SMS alerts to staff & clients (5p / message)
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Manage Bespoke Menus, Drinks & Extras
7. Bespoke Menus, Drinks & Extras
Managing your menu lists and product details can't get any better than this. When you subscribe to CaterSOFT you can simply copy & paste all your menus from your Word Documents or PDF's with approximate prices and numbers. CaterSOFT automatically creates 'Master Templates' from your menus. After that whenever you need attach a menu to a booking you just click on Import button and make whatever changes you need including menu name and pricing and press save button. The modified menu will be attached to the menu by leaving the 'Master Copy' intact!!!
  • Setup menus with easy-to-use 'Menu Builder'
  • Drinks & Extras can be stroed as individual items
  • Add multiple items at a click of a button
  • Change prices and names per booking without affecting the 'Master Copies'
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Staff - Managers, Chefs & Waiters
8. Manage Staff - Chefs, waiters etc...
Staff are the key resources for any business. CaterSOFT helps you to strongly associate your fulltime and part-time staff to your business and utilise them in the best possible manner.
  • Create unlimited staff accounts for all your chefs, waiters and part-time staff
  • Find & allocate staff to events or create shift rotas
  • Let your staff login to CaterSOFT with a seperate password and see the ReadOnly copies of their scheduled bookings
  • No sensitive data such as prices, payments, or email history will be displayed to 'ReadOnly' users
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Sales Reports with detailed analysis
9. Sales Reports with detailed Analysis
Running a business will not be easy if you can't see how the business is progressing! Especially when the economic climate is in uncertainty one should be extra vigilant. CaterSOFT offers a fast & flexible reporting tool that helps you see various reports, pie charts and graphs to give you the correct business picture.
  • Sales growth by Center and Sales Person
  • Sales reports by Customer, Event Type and Menus
  • Ability to group the results day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Timeline Comparison of Sales figures
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Invoicing & Ingegration with your accounts
10. Invoicing & Integration with your       accounts
Its always a hassle if you have to do the same work twice for absolutely no benefit. With CaterSOFT you can avoid all that double work of manually entering the invoices in to your accounts systems. You only raise one invoice from CaterSOFT either paid upfront or unpaid. CaterSOFT built-in plugin* will automatically exports all these invoices along with customer details, menus & full description and amounts in to your Accounts System.

Currently supports the following accounts systems:
  • Sage Instant Accounts (up to v16)
  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier
* We supply this plugin at no additional cost, this needs to be installed on the same computer that your accounts system is running. This only takes couple of minutes to setup, we can help you on the phone to set it up!

Please contact us if your Accounts System is not listed above. We may be able to customise this for you.