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CaterSOFT - Bookings Manager

Online bookings management software for caterers and venues....

CaterSOFT is an end-to-end all inclusive centralised CRM system for catering companies, event planner and venues. It can help you to respond to the sales leads faster and send beautiful proposals to customers at a click of a button. You and your staff can work together remotely and deal with the business more effectively!

CaterSOFT for Universities & Colleges

University Hospitality

Enquiry to Event Planning Management Scheduling all inclusive booking system for conferences

Student Meal Ordering Portal

Combined Online Booking & Production Management System for Campus Kitchens

Manage your bookings with the most advanced catering software

The most comprehensive, cloud based catering & event booking management software for all catering professionals and venues.

CaterSOFT offers 3 purpose built cloud based catering software packages!
See below to find out what suits best for your business.

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