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Avoid Double booking

Booking Information can be extracted in various layouts for ease of use which avoids double bookings and stretching resources.

Online / back office ordering system

CaterSOFT allows patients to order their meals directly online, this will instantly remove any mistakes when orders are being prepared.
If patients cannot order due to circumstance, then staff can simply enter meal information on their behalf.

University Meal Credit Option

Students can pay for meals by using conventional methods, ie credit cards, or in the case of self-isolation if University provides student meal credit support, this can be allocated as a type of payment towards meal order.

Reduction of Paperwork

By eliminating/reducing paperwork this not only reduces time, cost saving but also greatly improves security risk. If paper forms are not uploaded correctly, misplaced, damaged or even lost then this will greatly effect quality of service which the University is providing to students.

Order Diary

The purpose built orders diary offers a quick overview of day, week or 14 day bookings with an easy to find search box. The calendar option allows quick go to the required date and see the orders. Orders Diary has been pre-set to 14 days which are in-line with government Covid-19 quarantine rules.

Automated Production Schedule

This module will help you plan everything you need to deliver orders for a given day, which will help the Kitchen in their food purchasing &reduce wastage.

Delivery Schedule

CaterSOFT can automatically produce a delivery schedule based on different hospital locations & wards which improves efficiency. If delivering to multiple hospital locations CaterSOFT has tracking technology which user can see live location of your drivers.

User Friendly Menu Creation & Product Changes

At CaterSOFT we have developed specific tools within the software which allows you to seamlessly bring menu options to allow wider choices to patients. Also provide nutritional information & allergen alerts at a touch of a button.

Cloud Based

All information is Cloud based (Saas) therefore you will always have your information at a click of a button securely.

Mobile Friendly

All information is Cloud based (Saas) therefore you will always have your information at a click of a button securely.

Customer Management System

CaterSOFT gives you access to centralized patient records. Just click on patients details to view their complete menu booking history.

Accounts Integration

Transfer all your invoices from CaterSOFT in to your favorite accounting software. At the moment CaterSOFT supports the following cloud based accounting systems Quickbooks, Xero, Sage & FreeAgent (UK) MyOB (AUS)