CaterSOFT - Venue

From enquiry to event planning - all inclusive booking system for conferences & function halls

Inbound enquiry management

A simple to use enquiry management system helps you to create and follow-up the sales leads from either existing customers or new customers. Setup automated reminders to chase the customers and turn the leads in to business.

Multiple Function Rooms

Create function areas within the venue and sell the space based on the function size. You can have the entire venue as one unit and divide in to multiple areas. Add the price and capacity to each room, and you can combine the rooms for larger events.

Colour Coded Room Calendars

See the colour coded venue calendar to quickly find the area availability. Colour codes will quickly tell you if someone just enquired for the event or is deposit paid and confirmed the booking. The calendar will show the prices as well for high demand days.

Bookings Diary

'Bookings Diary' lets you quickly browse your upcoming events. There's a powerful event search facility to help you to find bookings fast. This is one of the most complimented features in the CaterSOFT.

Day, Week, Month & List View with different colour backgrounds for easy recognition.

Conferences and Big Events

With 'CaterSOFT Venue' you can run conferences or big wedding events. There are seperate tools provided for each event type. Select day delegate menus for the conference events and event packages for the weddings and corporate events.

Seperate documents templates provided for quotations and invoices etc.

Customer Management System

CaterSOFT gives you the access to centralised customer database. Whether it is a one-off private customer, or a business customer such as a local company with repeat buffet orders.

Just click on the customer to view their complete booking history with notes, invoices, payments, and menu history.

Table Plan Design

Start to visualise your event with a floor/table planning tool that allows you to move around the furniture add chairs and make the best use of the space available. Maximise the space in your rooms and run an luxurious event. You can send your customer a 'PDF' of the plan so they can see the room and sign it off.

Event Contracts & eSignature

This powerful module gives you the functionality to create legal contracts with all the important details, event times, menus, prices, allergens and T's & C's.

Email the web link to your customer, which they can electronically sign and return back to you. No more printing & scanning hassle.

Repeat Events at a single click

You have a happy customer who wants to repeat their last year's event? No problem, with the 'Repeat Event' facility - you simply find the booking and select 'Repeat' button to add the new date & time. And change any guest numbers if required. That's it, the brand new event and the proposal is ready, and automatically linked to the customer file.

Payment Schedule

CaterSOFT has made the payment system very easy. You can ask for a one-off payment for the smaller events. Or take multiple deposits upfront and a final balance before the event. And it is completely flexible. You can ask for a percentage or fixed value.

And CaterSOFT will send you the reminders, when the payments are due.


CaterSOFT allows you to raise an invoice and send it to your customer straight from the system. There are invoice templates available that you can personalise to suit your branding.

* Or you can use our automated invoicing system to schedule your daily or weekly invoicing. Scheduler will raise and email the invoices to your customers.

Deposit Tracking

The built-in Deposit Tracker gives you the peace of mind by keeping you in control of monies. You will receive upfront reminders and on-screen notifications telling you that the payment is due from the customer.

You can use the built-in tools to chase the customer for the payments.

Revenue Forecast

You can see the monthly break-down of the future payments and work out your budget accordingly. The report will include the revenue from various aspects, that the revenue on the food, drink, staff hire, equipment hire etc.

You can export this to excel for further calculations.

Sales Reports

See the detailed growth reports of buffet orders. How many new customers joined the business. How the existing customers are using your servies. Immediately spot if any customer is fading away.

Periodical sales reports give you the complete picture about your business.

Account Integration

Transfer all your invoices from CaterSOFT in to your favourite accounting software. At the moment CaterSOFT supports the following cloud based accounting systems

Quickbooks, Xero, Sage & FreeAgent (UK)